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Change in plans

1/350 USS Wasp Hangar Deck Build

1/350 USS Wasp Well Deck Lighting

1/350 USS Wasp Well Deck Finished

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Getting things ready for paint

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Figuring out the Wasp's Hangar Deck

Figuring out the Wasp's Well Deck

Building the Bronco MV-22 Ospreys

Building the Wasp's Harriers

Putting the Deck Vehicles Together

Waterlining the USS Wasp Hull

1/350 "What If Carriers" Cont. HMS Malta

The Bronco AAV7A1s

Getting Started on the Wasp: the Vehicles

Tools and accessories for the 1/350 USS Wasp

My Next Project is the Gallery Models U.S.S. Wasp

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